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"Racism Slavery Salvation and the Bible: What's Wrong with America from a Christian Pastor's Perspective"

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From the book:
We have arrived at a unique time in America when four issues – racism, slavery, salvation, and the Bible – are all sharing center stage. None of these are new issues, yet each has been an important ingredient in what is currently happening. Incidents of violence, sparked by racist dog whistles, many by prominent officials, seem to show up on our screens daily. Much is being said about slavery and how to undo hundreds of years of inhumanity. The idea of salvation has been completely redefined as a political position. The Bible is used as an instrument of war rather than an aid to life.
Speaking as an experienced pastor, student of history, and leader of people, Dr. Nathaniel T. Powell, provides an insightful study of how these four issues have brought America to a bad place. Reading this book is like going to your doctor for a thorough physical. No stone is left unturned in determining what needs to happen to restore the patient to health.
"Racism, Slavery, Salvation, and the Bible" is well-researched and fully documented. The reader will have a new understanding of who we are as a nation and how we got to this point once the last page is closed.
Hearing terms like "white privilege," "reparations," and "systemic racism" stir up debate, primarily because they are not understood. Dr. Powell dives deep into the history and meaning of racial issues and then presents it in an easily understood manner. Then, with a pastor's heart, he carefully describes the current situation in America, how we got to this point, and, more importantly, what needs to happen to move on to a better place.
"Racism, Slavery, Salvation and the Bible" is a timely book for everyone, not just for Blacks. These are issues that impact all of us and will only be solved when we better understand one another. Dr. Powell goes a long way toward making that understanding a reality.

"This book is a must-read because it is relevant to our times!"

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